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World class services at affordable prices.

On Location Service

We service your bike on your premises and at your convenience. Very skilled mechanics provide consistent quality of service.

Competitive Pricing

Nobody matches the competitive price point at which we offer our comprehensive services.

Service Tracking

Our SaaS platform enables our business customers to effectively manage the maintenance of their fleet of bikes.

API Integration

Endpoints and integration interfaces could be gainfully leveraged to instrument most of Hoopy’s SaaS platform features with your applications.

Insightful Intelligence

Service reports, health metrics, maintenance cost visibility, and timely action allows you to extend the life of your bike and get the best performance out of it for every mile its on the road.


Easily service fleets of hundreds of bikes across multiple locations nationwide.

Doorstep Service

Expert mechanics come over to where you are. Systematic planning and proactive communication allows our mechanics to be fully prepared when they show up to work on your bike.

Save Time

Sunday is personal and leisure time. The last thing you want on a weekend is a long wait in front of a garage!

Quality Assurance

We take pride in offering excellent quality service. We have genuine spares and trained mechanics who can solve any of the problems that your bike is facing. We also provide warranty on the work we do.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Every service includes a comprehensive measurement and audit against a 30 point checklist. You have access to historical reports of all your service visits and repairs.

Timely Reminders

Our predictive models indicate when your next service is due. We send reminders and notification so you can be proactive and get your bike serviced on time.

No Hidden Costs

Estimates and quotations are provided before every service. Our pricing is transparent and there are no hidden costs or surcharges.

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Three bike lovers and their dream to radically change the bike servicing market!

  • Oct 2015 - Feb 2016


    October 2015 -- Initial ideation
    February 2016 -- Hoopy is born,
    in Bangalore on Valentine's day!

  • May 2016 - Dec 2016

    Initial Success

    May 2016 -- Doorstep servicing for business customers begins
    Dec 2016 -- 2nd city, Launch in Mumbai

  • Dec 2017

    Full Service

    Dec 2017 -- Recognized as leading bike servicing providers for businesses that operate fleets

  • Jun 2018


    June 2018 -- 35000 jobs done and counting, quadrupling year-on-year revenues, and a lot of new clients but its just the beginning

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Team Hoopy

Abhinav Shrivastava


Shashank Dubey


Vedic Choubey